Our Premise

-There is open enrollment for new and returning students. Contact Rev.Dr. Joel A. Oliver for details (revoliver1@aol.com).

-On-Line classes via this website are to be taken on a published schedule. Each course includes four lectures with on-line worksheets. To complete a course for Year 1 and Year 2 courses the student must do the following:
01) Listen to all four lectures on-line and fill out the work sheets for each lecture
02) Write a Short Sermon for each lecture in the course (forms are provided on-line)
03) Complete the course Review (provided on-line)
04) Write a 300-400 word paper on one aspect of the course
05) Complete any other assigned work 
06) Submit their homework for review. 

-On-Line C.B.I. Internship via Virtual Classroom on Zoom.Com each Thursday Eve. at 6:00PM for year One and 7:30PM for Year Two. Student will be provided with a link to the on-line Internship Sessions. Year Three Students will meet on-line for six of their courses (Monday Evenings from 7PM to 9PM on Zoom.com for a combined lecture and Internship). Third year students will also have four live courses on Saturdays at 4720 Jamieson, St. Louis Mo. 63109. For on-line sessions, the Student must have a headset with a mic. The Internship includes the following: Practical ministry discussion topics, student Short Sermon presentations, mock wedding and mock funeral presentations, Q and A time and discussions..

-Courses are open to all people / Church Affiliations

-Inviting to multicultural students

-Designated for adult learners

-All materials and discussion groups geared towards Spirit-filled students

-3 year program with 10 courses/year plus 40 hours of Internship (Year #1--For Certification Credentials or other comparable Credential Body; Year 2--For License Credentials through Assemblies of God or other comparable Credentialing Group; Year 3--For Ordination through the Assemblies of God or other comparable Credentialing Group). Note: our program meets the requirements for most other Full-Gospel Credentialing Groups.

-Year 1--New & Old Testament covered in courses 1-10--Year 2--Practical Theology and Life application covered in courses 11-20--Year 3--Leadership and Practical Ministry courses covered in Courses 21-30

-Ability to attract entry level students and move them to a deeper educational experience based on a repetitive learning model with each subject designed to build on previous subjects

Tuition is $700/ year for Year 1, $800 for Year 2 and $1000 for Year 3 when paid in full for the school year.  On-Line-----Payment Options:--There is a $50 Registration Fee when the Student enrolls.  Tuition includes all fees, all course work, internship and seminars for the year--Payment for a course must be made before student can start a course.--Payment may be made by check to C.B.I. (note for what course)-----Paypal on this website or by cash.
SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE--- call (314-610-8734) or e-mail (revoliver1@aol.com) Rev. Dr. Joel A. Oliver to find out how to get a scholarship 

C.B.I. School of Life and Leadership Coach Training


-Insight School of Coach Training----Chaired by: Joel A. Oliver, ACC (ICF), AGCC3, CCLC

C.B.I. offers 32 hours of Coach Training. Students that complete 32 hours of training can take the remaining of their Coach training through Coachnet.org (these courses can be taken through the SMD Coaching Network or through CoachNet.Org (coachnetglobal.org). Rev.Dr. Joel A. Oliver is the Coach Training Coordinator for the SMD District of the Assemblies of God and he is one of the Coach Trainers for the National Program called Coachnet Global. Please feel free to visit their website

THE FOLLOWING COURSES WILL BE OFFERED in 2019 through City Bible Institute School of Coach Training:
-201 Foundational Dynamics of Coaching for Results--16 hours of training
-301 Foundational Dynamics of Coaching for Results--16 hours of training

A student can also take their Course work through CoachNet Global:
-100 Launch: 20 hours of International Coaching Federation Approved Training Hours
-200 Lab: 8 hours of International Coaching Federation Approved Training Hours
-one 300 level 4 hours Speciality Course of ICF Approved Training Hours
-400 Essential: 20 hours of International Coaching Federation Approved Training Hours

Insight School of Coach students are encouraged to become credentialed by the AG Coaching Network when the have 32 hours of training completed and their ACC Credential from the International Coaching Federation when they have 64 hours completed.

Joel A. Oliver PCC (ICF), AGPC-3, CCLC

-----City Bible Institute at 4720 Jamieson--St. Louis, Missouri-63109

-----E-Mail info@insightcoachingstl.com. for more information

-----Payment may be made out to City Bible Institute by check or by credit card on Pay Pal on insightcoachingstl.com

Email: Joel A. Oliver at revoliver1@aol.com or info@insightcoachingstl.com for details, questions and for payment information

Please Check Out insightcoachingstl.com for more information.

To pay for Registration and Course Guide, please go to Payment Screen


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Holiday Inn at 5915 Wilson  St. Louis, Mo. 63139   314-645-0700

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